The future is Business !

I recently volunteered to help judge the South Manchester and Salford Regional Finals of the Young Enterprise of the Year awards and was absolutely thrilled to witness the potential of some of our future business owners.

The process involved aspects that I’ve found difficult in my first two years and I know some businesses still do after many more.

At ages of between 13 & 18 years old, I wasn’t sure what to expect, how much would they understand about business? how would they react to questions from established business owners and how would they fair when presenting in front of their piers, teachers and us, the panel of 4?

Some were more confident than others and some had an overall greater understanding than others, but overall they were a breath of fresh air and personally, I was excited at the prospect that some of these pupils will be running successful businesses in the very near future and helping to grow enterprise in the UK.

So what did I learn?

  • Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into the unexpected
  • Use what you know & what you’re passionate about and take a chance
  • Don’t be afraid to test the limits of Social Media
  • Most of all – Be Brave, Be Confident and LOVE what you do !

If you could do what you do now but in your youth, what would you tell yourself about expectations, developing and the big world of business?

We’d love to see your comments below, we’ll be sharing this blog with some of the Young Enterprise candidates so your experience and comments would be priceless to them.