What’s your plan………and how do you achieve it ?What's your Plan ?


We all know the importance of producing a business plan/strategy when starting a new project, but if that seems a distant memory and you’ve either grown, or not, maybe it’s time to refresh and set some new targets.

Try looking at these 5 points and think about how you want to drive your business in the next 12/18 months;

  • Your Business Goals for 2012 – 2013

What’s happening this year ?  Can you take advantage of this fantastic British year ?  We have the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.  If you’re product based, can you incorporate the “union jack” and make your goods something customers would want to keep.  If you’re service based, can you maximize on the visitors that will be in the Country ?

  • What skills will you need to gain ?

How can you add value to yourself that will resonate in your business ?  Take advantage of free courses to keep your learning fresh, do you need VAT/Tax training ?  HMRC run free courses via their website.  Download the wealth of ebooks available in your market (follow peers/competitors on twitter who offer such).

  • Your pricing strategy

Consider where you’ve been placed in the market over the past year or so.  Do you need to increase your prices to attract a different clientele ?  If your prices are too low, will people look elsewhere thinking they’d prefer quality over quantity ?

  • Your marketing strategy

Are you one of the norm ?  Do you advertise/promote in the same forums as your competitors ?  How are you going to stand out ?  Maybe go for a new look, change your format or concentrate on existing customers, don’t forget they’re the ones that will recommend you !

  • My first job tomorrow will be…

So how are you going to do all this ?  I’m sure you’re thinking “but I don’t have time” the question is – do you have time NOT to ?

If you need a little help to get you started or fresh ideas/research, call me today (or tomorrow) and I’ll gladly sit down with you (in person or via skype) and help
devise a new plan to help expand your business.  Take advantage of our free consultation.

Have you already taken these steps ? Leave a comment below to advise how your Business has seen the benefit from this change.