Win Lose or DrawWhat will you choose?

I heard many people say about 2013 “It’s got to be a write-off, it’s an unlucky number” or “No matter what I do, it will probably go wrong as it’s a ’13’ year”. So I’m expecting to see a lot of businesses boom this year 😉

No matter what the year or how superstitious you are, you should try for EVERY year to be your best yet. So what questions are you going to ask yourself and what plans are you making?

  • LOSE – Will you give up because you let 2013 be an unlucky year and lost 12 months?
  • DRAW – Are you happy to carry on with what you’ve been doing and stay the same?
  • WIN – Are you taking time to review what you’ve done previously?  Do you want this year to be better?

I usually try to be quite subtle in my blogs and help business owners to consider their options and make their own choices, but I’m also thinking about this year and am starting by telling everyone exactly how working with a Virtual PA or ‘VA’ can help grow their businesses.  I’m meeting more and more people who understand they can’t do everything themselves and know they need experts who know their stuff and want to help.

Below are some key areas that VA’s can support and assist with;

  • Planning – holding regular reviews with somebody who could have a different view point from you can be priceless, sit down at least once a month and talk about where you want your business to go, your VA can put your goals and targets into a visual schedule that you can work to and be inspired from
  • Business Development – A VA comes into contact with numerous other businesses in varied sectors, they can introduce you to people they have built relationships with and come to trust.  They can free up time that you may spend on daily tasks to put effort into the little bits of your business that are only just ideas and what you would ‘love’ to do but don’t have time for
  • Social Media Marketing – Social Media HAS to be a part of your marketing strategy but not many business owners have the time to sit and learn Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and many more.  A VA already spends time on these platforms and interacts with the virtual world on a daily basis….take advantage of this.  Your VA can set you up a matrix so you know exactly what is being put out there at what time, it doesn’t stop you from interacting too but makes it a lot easier. They can also do as little or much as you want them to !
  • Sales – As I said in a recent video, your VA can be a crucial part of your sales team, the more you involve them in your business, the more they know and can sell you.  They can ‘wear your hat’ at networking meetings and attend on your behalf, making you look even more credible

Just imagine having to pay a staff member to cover each of the above, this would cripple a small business, you wouldn’t have the direct interaction that you would with a VA and when you go on holiday, there  is only one person that needs briefing.

There really is more to a VA than typing up a few minutes, making a few appointments and answering the phone, here’s a little snippet from a Christmas card we received “Thank you so very much for all your support, guidance and encouragement this year. Looking forward to continuing to work with you in 2014, thank you Jo”

Our business is Your business, we want so many more businesses to be a success in 2014…….do you want us to help you be one of them?

Contact Joanne on 07928 228764 or email TODAY, don’t lose any more time 🙂

By Joanne Hawkins