Happy Birthday to us 🙂

The Virtual PA Industry is growing and we’ve just hit our first year in business, what a year it’s been!

Statistics show that 70% of new businesses fail in the first 2 years, even though we are only just venturing into year 2, we’re proud that we are still growing & expanding and confident we will be in the 30% that don’t fail.

So many factors are involved in success : Finances/Industry Demand/Commitment/Passion and many more, within these I believe is Customer Service and being proactive.

I recently visited a high street phone shop looking for an upgrade on my contract, they didn’t have the phone I wanted and when I asked about a more expensive phone, the adviser said “I wouldn’t even know to be honest” this didn’t instill me with confidence and needless to say, I didn’t buy from them! A few days later, I went into the same retailer in a different area, I got an amazing deal on a more expensive phone with lots of extras, proving that if you’re eager to do business, to give good customer service and have customers that refer you and more importantly come back, then being proactive is a given.

Having the right attitude is just as important, do you think ‘WILL I be in the 70%?” or “I WILL be in the 30%?”

I’m keen to help start up businesses make good choices and learn from established business owners about what they found difficult and mistakes they made, our Linkedin group is an excellent starting point and we would welcome your viewpoints, both from a start up and established point of view.

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