As a VA, you’re probably the kind of person who does things properly; you follow the rules, swear by your systems and are passionate about processes. Lord knows I LOVE a good process, and many of my clients’ businesses have been revitalized by the introduction of a few smart and powerful processes.

BUT, as a VA it’s also likely that you get a bit, well, bogged down in unnecessary paperwork and processes from time to time. It might seem, on the surface, that there are processes that we all must follow in order to do things the “right” way, after all, if everyone’s doing it then you should be too, right?


Let’s use as an example the process most of us use when getting a new client on board.

Oooh, how exciting, a new client, let’s go!

First up we have the questionnaire: send it to the client and wait for the client to find time to fill it in & return it.

I can feel a yawn coming on….

Next up, the proposal: put it together, send it to the client, wait for the client to find time to read it, feedback any questions/changes, adjust it/amend it, send it back and wait for the client to find time to read it and approve it….

Sorry, nodded off for a second…where was I?

Ah yes, nearly there…. now we have approval we are ready for the contract…..

By which point if you’re not losing the will to live your client probably is.

The good news is that there is another way, it’s quicker and easier and much more pleasant all round and it involves a helluva lot less stress.

It IS possible to replace a lot of this procedural toing and froing with a more personalised approach, and concentrate on relationship building instead of turning it into just another boring business transaction. If the client is geographically close enough to you, why not meet them for a coffee to go through things? Or schedule a zoom call and discuss everything face to face? Yes of course as a VA you must ensure that you have all the essentials covered, ICO, business insurance etc, but there really is a lot of other stuff that you can cover in a much more effective, pleasant and ultimately beneficial way.

It’s time to stop stressing about following a list of instructions that someone else has set up. Break free, be yourself, create flow and make room for new opportunities, spontaneity and relationships to flourish.

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