When starting out in business, keeping overheads to a minimum is important, the main way this is achieved is by running a business from home.

There are several pros and cons to this arrangement, for some it works a treat, for others it can be frustrating and distracting. However it is common, keeps travel and rental costs down and means you are on hand for any family emergencies.

It is not often that traditional office life is missed but sometimes working from home can create a flicker of nostalgia, particularly at this time of year. Do you miss the bustle of the run up to Christmas, the wind down, socializing with colleagues and the banter? Or do you not like to mix business with pleasure?

What other things can be missed by working virtually? Interesting debates? Sharing experiences and frustrations? Or is it that you miss learning from working with people that possess a wide range of skills and expertise, or passing on your own wisdom?

When you work alone, at least there are no office politics to grapple with or negotiate, no unrealistic targets imposed at the drop of a hat, or a need to worry that you may be in fear of losing your job, because when it is your own business you get out what you put in.

However if you are a regular attendee at local business networking groups you can have the best of both worlds. Having a group of people that you can call upon, socialize with, share experiences with can make being your own boss less isolating and at this time of year enables you to feel that you are not missing out on the festive party fun.