You may have ventured into the world of self-employment as a sole-trader, but you may realise very quickly you just can’t do it all! If success is a part of the plan, then even the smallest small business will need a team of employees and/or independent contractors.

I have been in business now for the last 4 years and have built up a fantastic network of associates, prospects, clients and customers. It’s been a fundamental part of building a successful business.

I am delighted to say that my business has grown and as a result I am hiring my own VA! Pam Clark  from All Things Sorted is going to be working closely with me. Pam is going to head up our team of associate VAs and play a key role in the organisation of Northwest VA Conference. It’s great to find someone who is truly passionate about their business. Part of the job as a successful VA is knowing the strengths of yourself as well as your “team” which enables you to outsource to the best people!

Every business and business owner is unique, requiring different support at different stages of business growth. Out-sourcing crucial business functions to other specialists when needed can help build credibility, growth and profit.

Top 5 Tips to working with a Virtual Assistant.

  • Find the right VA – the vetting process is vital. Many VAs come from a specialist background and have specialist skills. Matching the right VA to your needs in the first place will ensure a successful relationship.
  • A good VA in time will be able ‘to anticipate your needs’ but this does not happen overnight. Document your systems and give clear instructions. Don’t assume anything!
  • A good working relationship depends on clear communication. Schedule weekly calls with your VA (more if required). Be willing to invest some time in to working with your VA!
  • Ask your VA their opinions on business decisions. A VA is a great person to do a brainstorm with! Over time, the closer you get to your virtual assistant, the more you’ll see them as a member and asset to your team.
  • Be willing to let go! You may find the most challenging thing when deciding to hire a VA is to let go of tasks and trust a VA to do a great job. Make sure you have the processes in place so you are updated regularly on the progress of your work.

I can’t deny that the past four years have been hard work, but they’ve also been exhilarating, invigorating, and hugely enlightening. I’ve grown as a person and I’m proud of not only the business that I’ve built but also the truly priceless support group of treasured friends and associates I’ve developed along the way!