Social Media – what works for you?

Social media grows by the day, new crazes start – peak and then disappear.  Some argue that Facebook’s rapid rise will be followed by a huge decline, only time will tell if this will be true

Google Plus is vying for Facebook’s market share and Pinterest has gained popularity in recent months faster than any other platform

Below is an Infographic illustrating how social media in B2B is gaining in popularity, but is still lagging behind its B2C counterparts


Social Media in Business






What are your experiences of social media?

Do you find time to do it?  Which platforms do you use?  Are they outstripping traditional word of mouth recommendations?

Do you go networking?   Does this work for you?

There is a tendency to jump on all social media platforms irrespective of whether or not they will add any value, help you further your connections or win business.  Quite often this is because it is difficult to find time and content to feed the hungry accounts and to keep it differentiated.  This is the true challenge of social media

The other challenge is engaging your audience, keeping them interested and building the relationships and growing a following.  This all takes an investment of time and to some extent, money to produce content.

There is no doubt that it should form part of your marketing strategy and it is always interesting  to hear how other businesses can use it successfully, particularly local ones

Social media is very much about being social and not the hard sell, which again presents a challenge.  How do you speak with your prospects, what are they interested in?  This is why B2C is easier with certain platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook, it is easier to fit in with needs and desires because essentially that is what you are selling to.  In B2B however it is hard to engage with each other because we are busy, spend less time on social media and are not operating from a personal standpoint

Facebook has many useful case studies on how B2B businesses successfully interact and build their following.

Similarly here is an interesting article on spreading yourself too thin on social networks

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