Is it easy to have a healthy diet with a busy job?

Whether you are self employed or employed, most people tend to lead very busy lives, so trying to maintain good health is quite a challenge.

There have been many programmes on TV lately about so called healthy foods and the way they are packaged to dupe consumers into thinking they have bought a healthy meal. In fact many have high content of fat and sugar. This is not good news when you are busy and don’t want to have to think about what you are buying.

Do you eat on the move? Do you buy your lunch and then sit and eat it whilst driving or walking to a meeting or at your desk whilst answering emails? This means you do not take time to chew or digest food properly leading to stomach problems. Do you get time to do a proper shop, where you can buy healthy raw ingredients and cook your food from fresh? Quite often if we are not eating properly this exacerbates the feelings of lethargy, fatigue and cloudy thinking that our busy lifestyles induce.

Do you get time to exercise? You may have the intention and the inclination sometimes but actually getting the time to do it can provide a real challenge.

I am always talking about a healthy life blend, a balanced mix of work and spending time with your family and finding equilibrium with your priorities. However it is more than just making time for your family, it is about making time for your health. So combining the two for me is what works. Cycling and walking with the family means we are getting fresh air and exercise and it gives us time to talk, truly converse, get into deeper topics than the day to day passing in the hallway and in between TV programmes allows. We deepen our relationships, feel healthier due to higher endorphins, burn calories and feel like we have achieved something with our day.

These are all things that we know in principle, it is nothing new, the message is, do we actually make time and put the effort in to implement it? Do we still slightly tip the balance in favour of prioritising our work life and household chores?

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