Christmas BlogAre your plans backed up?

It’s almost here……the time that most employees countdown to and most business owners panic about.

We’ve been counting it down too and trying to help you prepare, now’s the time to make sure you have everything looked after and can enjoy the festivities.

If you’re an employee or have colleagues in your business, make sure you have the conversation early as to who will look after what during the break and where responsibility lies

  • Who will cover phones/orders?
  • Who will send the Christmas cards/emails?
  • Who gets what from the received ‘Christmas Gifts’?

For business owners, the luxury of the above isn’t always available, so start to consider the options

  • Don’t forget to load an ‘out of the office’ email response
  • Change your office/mobile voice-mail telling people when you are available and any alternative numbers to contact
  • If you receive lots of calls on a daily basis, speak to a Call Handling service such as Call Team to see what services they offer over the break
  • If you currently use Virtual Admin (VA) services, delegate some tasks you might not get round to in the next week
  • If it’s all become a bit over-whelming, diarise to speak to a VA in the New Year to make sure it doesn’t happen again next year or during future planned holidays

Working for yourself is all about finding your own unique “Life Blend”, realizing what’s important to you, why you do what you’re doing and what you want to achieve.

If you get chance over the break, take a little time to think about this and set aside some time in the New Year to put plans in place.

Joanne is always here to chat through your plans, vision and expectations of the business with no obligation, call her on 07928 228764 or email

The last of our “Planning” series will be here next Monday with ‘Plan to Enjoy’ (which of course if the best bit !!!!)