Are you preparing?Christmas Blog

Last year was my first ‘Self Employed’ Christmas and as we were spending it in Spain, I took almost 2 weeks away from the business (albeit checking emails most days) and when I returned, I found it really difficult to get back into the swing of things but more importantly, I’d really missed the business!

This year, I’ve decided to take some really important family and down time but to remember that my business is also important and to get a good balance.

So, I thought I’d share my ‘planning’ tips with you over the next 6 weeks.

One of my main priorities will be to plan my working schedule, it’s a really good place to start and I can fit it in with my personal time.

As I’ve said before, having the right ‘Life Blend’ involves not beating yourself up about working during “expected” down time, but making sure that you give 100% of yourself to the time you do choose for you and yours, so consider days/times that you will definitely not work and times when you might just be having a ‘home’ day or not going out and don’t mind fitting in a few hours.

Make allowances for this time and stick to it, if you’re out and not wanting any work distractions;

  • Turn your email notifications off on your phone
  • Change your voice-mail message to let people know that you won’t be able to return their call until ……
  • If you already have a VA, find out what days, if any, they are working and ask them to cover for you
  • Or be really strict and if you do have to take your phone, let somebody else carry it and answer/decline all your calls (but only if you have a voice-mail message) !

When you do allow time for work;

  • Set yourself certain tasks or time limits, set an alarm or ask a family member/friend to interrupt you at a certain time
  • Run iTunes in the background and give yourself a number of songs/albums to work to
  • Or if you’re giving yourself more time, take 5/10 minutes at the start to set out what you really need to do, write a list and cross off as you go…..Don’t procrastinate !

The important thing is to set this time early, within the next few weeks maybe, but don’t worry if you need to adjust it when the time comes, that’s beauty of being your own boss 🙂

Coming next week is planning and preparing business gifts for colleagues/clients/staff/associates and what to remember

Are you already implementing this?  Please feel free to leave your comments below, they might help others.  If you’d like help with organizing your work time over the break, contact Joanne today to see how Executive VPA can help you too.