I heard a fantastic phrase lately…
“What you don’t know, keeps you poor”Beat Your Competitors & Grow Your Business


How true this can be when trying to grow your business.
There are now so many ways to stay ahead of the competition, steady changes can be the break you may need and implementing the below will make a big difference to your business;“Think Outside the Box”“This is nothing new” you’ll say, but who said it had to be a new idea ???
When you sit down to concentrate on your marketing (which should be daily…this is what will make you rich remember), think about your Industry norms, are there standard advertising forums ??  Do your competitors attend the same regular networking events ??  Are promotions all the same ??  Don’t be afraid to be different, people will remember you and be glad of the exception.“Make it Visual”

Use your imagination, make it bold, exciting, different. Use humour, exaggerate and the weirder the better.
There is enough bad press and emphasis on doom and gloom at the moment, make your marketing, products/services and business the thing that stands out and brightens your customers day.

“Text Campaigns”

How many times have you scanned over an email or planned to read it later ??  And how many times have you ignored a text ??
Even though emails are more accessible now (we no longer need to be sat at our desks to read them thanks to Tablets and iPhone/Androids), We still only read them when we have time.  Texts, however are almost always read immediately, information may not be taken in straight away but the way “it was received” will be memorable as you have “broken the norm”

Everybody knows that growing your business is the key to success, you don’t have to bear the weight of this on your own, how much more could you do with the above if you were concentrating solely on growing and selling your business ??

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