Two Further Campaigns To Be Launched Including Targeting TradespeopleHMRC Campaign

The HMRC Campaign Department have announced that, following on from their campaign last year that targeted Plumbers, they will be launching a further two campaigns concentrating on the following;

People working in the Construction/Home Improvement Industry and People who buy or sell goods direct to others or are paid commission and fail to declare it.

The new campaigns will focus on;

  • Missing Returns – People who are liable to pay tax at a higher rate but don’t complete a tax return
  • Home Improvement Trades – This will include several hundreds of thousands of tradespeople in the Construction/Home Improvement Industry including Roofing, Window Fitting, Bricklaying, Carpentry and Joinery
  • Direct Selling/E-Marketers – People who are buying or selling goods as traders to others electronically (i.e. Ebay, Amazon) This does not apply to individuals who are not listed as traders

An additional campaign aimed at Electricians is launched today (14th February 2012) and is asking tax payers to come forward and discuss any unpaid tax they owe with a view to arranging a suitable payment plan and ensuring no further legal action is taken.  Notice of intent to participate in the campaign should be registered with HMRC on 0845 601 5041 by 15th May 2012 and make a full disclosure by 14th August 2012.

The Direct Selling campaign will commence on 14th March 2012 and if you think you may be affected, go to the HMRC website

There are no dates published for the Home Improvement Campaign as yet so ensure you have all your details up to date.  Contact Us to discuss how we can help with organizing your accounts and ensuring that a fully qualified Accountant from our Partner List checks your return before filing.

Don’t get caught up in any legal battle as the 10 Plumbers who were arrested did, there are more arrests to be made and over 1,000 civil cases underway.