I was given a copy of Mark Manson’s bestselling book The subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck by the wonderful Penny Haslam recently. Every time I see Penny speak, as she did at our conference last month, I find myself thinking “I’ll have whatever she’s having!”, so I was keen to get stuck into a book she’d found useful, especially one with such a lovely sweary title.

Part way through, one of the things that really struck a chord was the author’s recollection of the advice he received decades earlier from his maths teacher which he’s continued to use whenever he’s feeling a bit stuck: if you don’t know how to approach a problem, then just START. The beautifully simple idea is that doing anything will move you further along than doing nothing.

I know better than most how easy it is to get to a point when building your VA business where you just feel a bit, well, stuck. You’re not sure what to do or where to turn to move forward. You’ve become so embroiled in the moment-to-moment processes of running your business that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. You’re so focused on the PARTS that you have no time to focus on the WHOLE. So…. what can you DO?

Well, I created my Get It Done mentoring sessions to help VAs tackle this impasse head-on, to get up that mountain and over the other side, fairly painlessly, very efficiently and totally affordably!

The Get it Done session is a three hour one-to-one meeting with me where you pretty much empty your brain and, with my help, put it back together in a coherent, manageable, actionable format – a bit like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw that you’ve been ignoring because it looks too hard and a bit scary.

After many years of struggles and successes with my own business, I know what works and what doesn’t. I know where you’re coming from, and I REALLY feel your pain. Sometimes what it takes for you to see the wood for the trees in your business is for an outsider to look on from above and help you to find that clearing, to identify your vision, to create clarity in what can often seems like chaos.

As sole traders, it’s rare that we have someone to brainstorm with, to help us to dispassionately lay our options on the table and examine them in the cold light of day, away from our personal, emotional investments and (often limiting) beliefs, hopes and fears.

Here’s an example of how a session can help: Pam wasn’t sure about the direction she wanted her business to go in. Amongst many other things, we looked at what she loves to do, the people she likes working with, and how to move away from the work she doesn’t enjoy:

My passion lies in mentoring and inspiring others in the VA industry to take their businesses further and really become the best they can be. Those of you who know me will know that I don’t enjoy waffle and bluster, and the Get it Done sessions are a practical, focused, bare-bones approach to taking positive action that will really get you moving and back on the path to success in your business. No messing, no mumbo-jumbo, jargon or unrealistic concepts, just solid honest, down-to-earth professional advice and support that will give you clarity and inspiration and the tools to make the changes you need to make to move forward.

Perhaps, you’re wondering how to take time off over the summer holidays without your business falling apart? Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s time to take on associates? Perhaps you’re unsure about which aspects of your business you should grow and which you should be letting go of? Perhaps just thinking about the future of your business gives you a big fat pain in your head?

Well, doing nothing certainly won’t change anything or throw up the answers, but taking action will.

Is it time you sat down and downloaded the jigsaw pieces. 

A Get it Done session is a small investment in yourself and your business that can make a big difference. So, start the ball rolling by booking a session. You’ll be in safe hands and I promise you that together we’ll GET IT DONE.

To book a three hour one-to-one uninterrupted Get it Done session, call Joanne on 07928 228764.