Life Blend

One of the things I’m most passionate about is helping people to achieve their own unique ‘Life Blend’. I believe the phrase ‘Work/Life Balance’ is dated and can lead people to believe both have to be of an equal level, any business owner will tell that is almost impossible to achieve.

We are all different and lead totally unique lives, the key is to find the right blend of work and personal life that works for you, don’t beat yourself up because you choose to work six days a week or more, as long as you give 100% to the free time you take. It could be with family, friends or just for you, some people are already including important downtime into their schedule but others are struggling with the concept and unsure how to achieve this


What’s your “Why”?

I’ve stood in front of many business owners and asked what their “Why” is? There must be a reason for doing what we do, the replies span lots of ‘whys’ from family, grandchildren, early retirement, finance etc. Those of you who know me will certainly know about my Why, she’s a major part of my life, the reason I work for myself and why my business is based in the UK

If you’d like me to speak at your group or event on how you could be achieving your unique Life Blend, contact me here.