Are your Apps working for your Business ?

Most of us will use “Apps” at some time of the day, whether it’s for socializing, shopping, watching tv/films or business.  The market is split between Apple Apps, Blackberry Apps and  Android Apps.  Below are Apps that are available through the iTunes App Store for your iPhone and iPad.   Look out for our next blog on Blackberry and Android Apps.

As the trend increases and the networking side of businesses grow, do you feel you’re fully equipped to pick up your phone/tablet, go mobile and take everything you need with you ?

Networking is a great way to put your business out there and the following Apps can keep you connected and let your contacts/acquaintances know what you’re up to and what you can offer;

Linkedin – Free (Available on iPhone or iPad)

Professional networking site with Industry updates, groups and recommended connections.  Allows you to update your profile, make connections and check your messages.

Twitter – Free (Available on iPhone or iPad)

Social networking site.  ‘Tweet’ links to your website, offers and facebook page.  ‘Retweet’ items and tweets you feel your followers may be interested in.  Follow friends, Companies or Business people you may admire.

Facebook – Free (Available on iPhone or iPad)

Social networking site.  Around 845 million users worldwide.  Post a Business page, update with offers, links and anything to boost your Business.  Add a ‘Like’ button, this will then be posted on your friends walls, basically free advertising !

Card Munch – Free (Available on iPhone)

If you find yourself carrying around business cards, download this App, take a photo of the card details, you’ll then be notified when the details are copied, they are then stored on your phone.  As this is a Linkedin feature, if you are registered, you can also connect to the card holder at the click of a button.

QR Rearder – Start from Free (Available on iPhone)

This is a fast way to “go to” information provided by a Company.  Many magazines/advertisements are utilizing codes as a way to make their brand available to people on the go.  There are numerous different Apps available dependent on what you want to get out of them.

Splashtop – Some free but mainly from £1.49 (Available on iPhone or iPad)

Sometimes you just need to access your desktop for files, emails, music or photos.  With a Splashtop App, you can access all these on your device as long as your desktop is left switched on (it can be at log on stage but not shut down).  Office functions such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint are supported, your iTunes account is available as is your Documents folder.  Certain software requirements may be needed, check iTunes before you purchase.

Paypal – Free (Available on iPhone or iPad)

We all still worry about making payments online at times, even more so on a remote device but Paypal simplifies everything, it stores your details and makes it easier to send payments while on the go.


There are numerous other apps to help you while out and about, have a look through the App Store on iTunes or contact us to for more details.