Do your cards stand out from the crowd?

One of the main tasks our busy networking clients ask us to complete is adding business cards to their mailing list, it’s always a major task and one that we quite enjoy to be honest, we can’t think of many better places to be than sat at our PC with a nice cuppa, iTunes playing low in the background whilst we help to save our clients much needed time and helping to grow their business!

We come across the widest variety of cards, different sizes & colours and from the basic to quite funky and imaginative. Some are very detailed and have every possible contact method listed, including Twitter, Facebook, Website and DX number. Some however do baffle us, we struggle to find mobile numbers or even Company names sometimes.

With this in mind, we thought we would give a few tips for the key points that we believe are most important;

  • Make sure your name is easily read, check font colour against the background and ensure it isn’t camouflaged. Possibly ask for it to be in bold.
  • Ensure your main point of contact is easily seen, if it’s a mobile/direct dial, don’t let it get lost between other numbers such as fax etc.
  • If you network a lot, bear in mind that people like to write on cards to remind them of who you are and what you do, high gloss cards and those that are full of information front and back are not great for is.
  • We are in the age of social media, if you want to interact with potential clients, suppliers etc, make sure they know where to find you.
  • A high number of people now use smart phones for business as well as personal use, creating and adding a QR code is a brilliant mobile way to direct people to your website, offer or products, these can be neatly added to your card and also shows you’re moving with the times which people love to see.

Your business card is one of the lasting impressions somebody takes away, when they are thumbing through trying to remember who everybody was, what do you want them to think about you and more importantly, your business? Don’t get lost in a sea of ordinary, plain cards, make them bright, shaped or even folded. The possibilities are endless.

As you may know, we work with a bank of industry specialists and are more than happy to recommend graphic designers and printers who can help to inspire you and get the most out of your cards.

Feel free to give Joanne a call on 07928 228764 to ask about the best ones we’ve seen and hear what stands out for us, please also leave your comments below about the best and maybe the strangest you’ve seen.