Are you dreading the Christmas break? Or are you looking forward to down time?

Does time with close family fill you with dread or joy?

If it is dread, this could be because we sometimes get so engrossed in our work life and the satisfaction that it gives us, that we become distanced from our love ones. This distance is not usually noticeable until you spend large amounts of time together. Suddenly you may feel you have nothing in common or tensions arise, but this is usually the consequence of not investing in a good ‘life blend’ during the rest of the year.

Is the cost too much to think about? The pressure to spend large sums of money at Christmas is very high, which can also lead to stress and to conflict because family members may take the irritability that goes with stress personally and this exacerbates the problem.

If you are self employed having to have so many days off at that time of year can cause cash flow problems. If this is the case are there some online tools that can bring cash in 24 hours a day? Maybe you could upload webinars or products that clients can continue to download, making these accessible online can also open up your potential market, consider time differences and the possibility of being seen by International markets.

Maybe Christmas can’t come soon enough for you, you welcome the break it gives you and being able to spend time with your family and not have to worry about early nights and ringing phones.

Again it is all about your perspective. If you are feeling a sense of dread, this may be due to underlying problems. Take the break as a valuable time for reflection and thinking of solutions to problems and what could be done differently in 2013. Make next year a time to really improve your life blend and to ensure that you do not get distanced from your family or friends, because they are the people who can keep you grounded and keep your morale up if you feel low.

Consider out-sourcing a little during this time, you’ll always find Virtual Assistants that will be working over the festive break, have a think about how you could free up time or contact us here for a chat