Anyone who has worked with a #VA, knows that finding the right fit is crucial. My business is an award-winning, professional and hugely experienced, no-nonsense VA resource. I really know my stuff and I get to really know our clients’ stuff too. Here are 10 things you’ll get if you choose to work with me:

  1. A whole team of experts

As VAs, we pride ourselves on being great “all-rounders”, but we’re also very realistic about our areas of expertise and those we’re not so expert in. Our team of Associates is made up of VAs who have unique talents, abilities and areas of wizardry, so we’ll always have access to a woman/man who “can” do the job brilliantly.

  1. 8 years of VA experience

In the 8 years since I leapt off the corporate treadmill and set myself up as a VA, I’ve learned so much, developed skills and flair in areas that I previously would have balked at – like public speaking, for one! I’ve learned from the ground up, overcoming obstacles, pushing myself, facing the challenges head-on and really just getting stuck in to learn my stuff and grow my business. This hard-won experience shines through my work and my business today and brings enormous benefits to my clients.

  1. 30 years of support experience

The years I spent supporting other businesses before I set up on my own gave me an amazing grounding and solid foundation for the work I do now.  When it comes to business, I’m no lightweight: I’ve seen A LOT, the good the bad and the ugly, it’s toughened me up, but never, ever, dampened my enthusiasm for learning, growing and helping others to do the same.

  1. Straight talking approach

When it comes to telling it how it is, us northerners are ‘mad for it’, and I certainly don’t dress things up, or waffle, or fake it or pretend I can do something if I can’t. I respect my clients enough to know that what they want is an open, honest and direct approach, and that’s what they – and everyone else I communicate with gets.

  1. Huge network of Industry experts

A large part of a good VA’s working life is spent networking, not just to develop business, but to find support, share problems, find solutions and connect with other business owners who are experts in their own fields. I’ve built a huge group of contacts across lots of industries, which gives me access to, and the support of, a pool of skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people, which is absolutely invaluable to me personally and hugely important to both mine and my client’s businesses.

  1. Clients say we’re a part of their Management team

VAs can often be seen as just someone to take care of some of the boring stuff within a business. When my clients get to know me, listening to what I have to say, and allow me to get to know their business, they find that I grow to be a vital part of the business itself. Clients often say that I am a part of their management team – and this is how I feel too.

  1. Your business is our business

Here at EVPA, we don’t stop working for you when we’ve completed our “tasks”: your business becomes our business and we’ll strive to represent and promote it as we network and connect with other businesses and individuals. I’ll come to you with opportunities we’ve found and we’ll always have our eye on what’s best for your business.

  1. More than transactional support

When we work together, you get someone you can brainstorm with because I get to know your business very well. I become a valuable team member, an advocate for your business and a solid source of support and guidance for you.

  1. Wide variety of Industry knowledge

I love to learn: by regularly attending training courses and conferences, workshops and networking events, I keep on top of industry developments, changes and opportunities for growth. The VA Industry is social, proactive and progressive and by embracing this inside and out, it really enhances my value to your business.

  1. Somebody that really ‘gets you and your business’

I am a business owners myself, and I’m used to looking at the mechanisms of how businesses work. I bring fresh eyes and ideas to your organisation, with an overview that can really help you to find new solutions and a different perspective. I’m not just interested in my work but focused very much on your work – what makes you tick, what your business is all about, your plans and goals and struggles. I feel your pain and celebrate your successes – my overall aim is to ease the former and increase the latter wherever I can.

To find out how I can help grow your business, call me today on 07928 228764 or email