Manchester: A city to showcase yourself……still !

It’s been a tough couple of weeks in Manchester; as a city we’re heartbroken by the devastating incident at the Ariana Grande concert recently. But heartbroken doesn’t mean broken, and the city’s response as it rallied to help victims and support the emergency services has made me so proud of my home town. Nothing can […]

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Does your brand reflect your personality? It’s time to let your true colours shine through

I blogged recently about how communicating what we, as VAs, actually DO is a challenge that we must face and overcome if we are to do justice to the miraculous package of services, qualifications, ingenuity, creativity, expertise and artistry that each of us is. And it seems to me that the best place to start […]

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Why it’s important to Attend a Conference: the benefits to you and your business

It can be hard, amidst the often hectic day-to-day challenges of running a business, to justify the time and expense required to attend a conference. But by being selective, doing your research and finding the right event for you, it’s possible to spend an enormously inspiring – and cost-effective – day with like-minded industry professionals […]

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Conferences and exhibitions – what are they to you?

Do you attend conferences and exhibitions? If so what is your main priority in terms of what you get from them? Is it just a chance to get out of the office? Sometimes being self employed is isolating and you can get cabin fever. Going to an event is a change of scene, you are […]

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