VA Conference Presentation: How I fought my Mind Monkey with Clarity….and won!

Well, it’s a week on since I faced my fears and delivered my presentation to the 2017 VA Conference in London, and all I can say is “WOW”. Well, clearly that’s not all I can say, otherwise this would be a pretty short, not to mention uninspiring, blog. But honestly, as natural highs go, that […]

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Setting Sail on The High Seas – The Thrills and The PANE of the VA Journey

Exactly four years ago this week, I set sail on the wonderful adventure of running my own business as a VA. It’s been a thrilling journey, although I can’t say it’s all been plain sailing: sometimes I’ve felt completely all at sea, at others like I’m walking the plank! I’ve had the wind taken out […]

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Do you REALLY not have the confidence, or are you just uncomfortable?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t……you’re right.” ― Henry Ford I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how many of us become conditioned, through fear, to think about ourselves in a certain way and to build “stories” about ourselves which simply aren’t true. Left unchecked, these stories can seriously limit our growth […]

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Why Networking Is Good For Your Soul, Not Just for Your Business

As I was preparing for last month’s NWVA conference, I thought a lot about what I wanted the attendees to get out of the event and articulated my thoughts in a blog post looking at why attending conferences is important for your business. One of the key points was the opportunity to connect with others […]

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