Executive VPA are an outsource resource utilised by SMEs and Corporate Organisations to help in the day to day running and operational side of the business, enabling them to get out and do what they do best……..sell their services and make money.

The support we provide our clients is backed up by a strong tribe of exceptional business owners who are #notjustava.

We nurture and support VAs through our mentoring programme and annual NW VA Conference, the must attend event of the year in our opinion.

The foundation of Executive VPA is, and has always been, built on our WHY, with the emphasis on

Work : Home : You

Check out our whys below.

‘Why we do it’

Why 1

To build quality, supportive relationships with people so they can build outstanding, successful businesses and find a unique Lifeblend

Why 2

To build a life changing and inspirational business that allows us to live how we want, where we want and with people who mean the most to us

Why 3

To be the best version of us we can be, understanding our talent & skills and sharing these with those we work and associate with

Clients We Have Worked With


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